Philosophy of Prolegal

Fundamental condition for successful providing legal service is to set up relation of confidence between law office PROLEGAL and client.

PROLEGAL in the providing of legal services at full length and using all available knowledge, existing information and procedures protects and advocacies rights and interests of his clients. Extraordinary put emphasis on holding discreetness and keeping back.

In the period of legal advisory PROLEGAL makes maximum effort in detail to analyze clients' requirements and intents. In the process of suggestion of legal procedures take in all needs of client and particular case.

Comprehensive and optimal solutions from PROLEGAL are suggested in the way of respect to clients' aims and long term development strategy of his activities. For this purpose before stipulation appropriate procedures analyze all existing and supposed factors which can influence application of proposal procedures. Proposal procedures and in theirs intensions proposal acts are addressed, understandable and express.

PROLEGAL has an inevitable priority to build an approved system of control for clients in order to achieve effectiveness and economies-of-scale in provision of legal services.

Upon mutual consent with clients PROLEGAL acts with high professional ethics and loyalty.

PROLEGAL by his knowledge of economic, law background and market penetrative helps his clients in claiming his activities, opinions and interests.

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